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who the hell thought turtlenecks were a good idea


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fear is for the winter

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the fall of a hero

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two hours to class and nothing to do

if only there was a useless website i could waste my time on

oh wait

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starreapertessa sent: Are you saying that people shouldn’t criticize media? Or are you talking about people that only complain about the show? I love Supernatural, but some of the stuff they do definitely upsets me. (I also love to complain whoops)


Oh, the media deserves to be criticised, but the sheer scale of bullshit from this fandom at times is incredible. I mean, seriously:

  • Queerbaiting!
    (No, no one ever promised a homosexual pairing.)
  • Representation!
    (No, the show is about monsters and family, and shame on you for hijacking something as important as that to get your ship recognised. If you want representation, watch OitNB.)
  • Dean’s abusive!
    (No, you’re pissed off and now you’re stretching because you hate the character.)
  • That ship is disgusting and horrible!
    (No, you’re too immature to blacklist and ignore it.)
  • That actor is terrible!
    (No, once again, too immature to blacklist and ignore.)
  • There aren’t enough female leads!
    (No, this is a show about two brothers. It’s what you signed up for. Deal with it or watch a different show. Or did you want less Sam and Dean? Maybe you should watch an ensemble piece.)
  • It promotes violence against women!
    (No, it promotes violence against monsters.)
  • All the women are two-dimensional!
    (No, actually look at the likes of Mary, Missouri, Pamela, Jody, Charlie, Hannah and more. They’re more complex than you give credit for.)
  • If you like that character, you’re an abuse apologist!
    (No, other people see things differently to you. Get over it.)
  • You can’t ship those characters/like that kink/like that character because it’s triggering!
    (No, it’s your job to avoid what triggers you, not the world’s job to soften every corner.)
  • If you don’t feel the same way that I do, you’re automatically a horrible, terrible person!
    (No, I think you’ll find that you’re the douche policing others. Shut up.)

Criticise the media. But the fact that there are so many people desperate to hate the show, complain all the time, despise one of the lead characters, say that everything is wrong and whine from dawn ‘til dusk, it’s annoying. I want to watch the show. Is it perfect? Nothing is. I’ll still enjoy it. I have no major complaints with the show on its own. But the fandom? If we were part of the Whine Olympics, we’d place top three every time.






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